Large firms have in-house IT specialists. 


But if yours is a small firm, you probably spend time mucking about with computers when you should be doing law.  And there are probably other times when not mucking about with computers puts your practice at risk.  E.g., when you're in  trial, does your data nonetheless get backed up every night? 


We understand how law offices work.  Chances are that we can help your law office work better.  We're good at solving technology problems.  We don't always have all the answers, but we're very, very good at finding them.  And our hourly rate is less than yours.

Software Got You Stumped?  Get Help Fast.  

Can't Find That Case File?  How many minutes a day do you spend hunting for paper?  If you scan all your incoming paper, every document you need will be accessible from your desktop.  You'll still have your paper files, but you'll rarely touch them.  We can:

Crossing Your Fingers For Backup?  If your backup system is less than optimum, you are not alone.  We can:

Network Driving You Nuts?  We can:

Worried About Security?   We can:

Reluctant To Broadcast Internal Communications Over The Internet?  For confidentiality reasons, you don't want your internal email routed across the Internet.  We can:

Baffled By Too Many Choices?   Expert advice with no conflict of interest.  The only thing we sell is service.  We can:

Tired Of Having Stuff Break?

Frank B. Denman, J.D.

          Seattle, WA